Alphabet Soup Speech Pathology Staff

Alphabet Soup Speech Pathology Staff

Alphabet Soup Speech PathologyAlphabet Soup Speech Pathology Staff


Sheralyn Beasley

Sheralyn is our Senior certified practicing Speech Pathologist as well as Owner/Director of Alphabet Soup Speech Pathology. She has completed a Masters of Speech Pathology, a Bachelor of Social Science (majoring in Health) and a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Psychology).

She is enthusiastic about providing up to date, relevant treatment and management, ensuring the best possible outcomes for the clients. Sheralyn has completed courses in Hanen –More Than Words and Lee-Silverman Voice Therapy-Loud.

Sheralyn enjoys providing therapy for all age groups. Having children of her own she is happy playing games on the floor and blowing up a bubble storm. Swallowing disorders are of special interest to Sheralyn, who has a fondness for her older clients. She comes with almost 3 years experience in this area, including through consulting at Aged Care facilities.

Melanie Williams

Melanie is our effervescent admin support officer with 7 years of medical reception experience. With a young family of her own, she is more than happy to lend an empathetic ear to parents and is eager to assist with any queries or concerns you may have.